Table of Contents

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     Before Shark Bay

Part I

Dolphin politics in Red Cliff Bay

                 The Cast

Beginnings 1982 & 1986

     First Visit: Visions of a Dolphin Gombe

     The University of Michigan: Getting Back to Shark Bay 

     Back to Oz: Stumbling to a Start

     Following Wild Dolphins 

     Female Dolphins: Different Personalities and Lifestyles

     Male Dolphins: The Politics Emerge

     Males and Females: Consortships and Questions


A year of discovery 1987


     A Day With the Gerries

     "Pop" Goes the Dolphin

     A Mother’s Grief

     The Great Escape

     All for One and One for All?

     Aquatic Chimpanzees? 

     Wave and Shave get "Owned"

     More Fun than Baboons! 

     An Alliance Triangle

     Those Bizarre Boys

     Told off by Slash

     Starving Dolphins

     “This is Like Science Fiction!” 

     Dolphins Burning 

     “You Killed Spike!”  

     Reliving Old Glories

     A Stranger in a Strange Land


New insights 1988-1989

     Any Female Will Do

     Role Reversal

     Wave’s Bud Spud 

     Dolphins and People

     The Triangle in 1988 

     The battle for Flo-Jo

     Play Herding

     Snubby, Sickle and Bibi

     Tragedy at Monkey Mia

     Sex at Monkey Mia 

     Crinkle's Crush

     Wave, Shave & Spud on Their Own 

     TBC and CBL Reunited


     This Bonding Business 

     RHB and TBC

     A Female Coalition

     The End of the 80s








Part II

Beyond Red Cliff Bay

Interlude: Nortrek & Nova 1991

     Into the frying pan

     Dolphins on the beach at Cape Peron

     Beyond Red Cliff bay

     Nova: filming the boys

The Wow Crowd 1994-1997

             The Cast

A New Project


A New Bond


The Wow Crowd 

The Death of Holey-fin 

Real Notch Meets the Wow Crowd 

The Rulers of Whale Bight

Keeping Up with Old Friends

A Crack in the Armor?

Poor Vax

The Prima Donnas Challenge Authority 

Terra Becomes a Troll

Anvil’s New Old friends 

Dolphins: The Wild Side


Part III

The Alliance Network: 2001-2006

                 The Cast

Expanded Horizons

A New "Wow Crowd"

The Prima Donnas

A Third Level of Allianc

Real Notch & the Prima Donnas 

A Theft Among Friends

Lucky & the Rascals

East Meets West

Captain Hook’s Not-so-tough Crew

Pirate & Fargo Look for a Home 

The Blues Brothers Have a Bad Day

Invaders From the North 

An Open Society


Part IV

A shifting alliance landscape: 2009-2012

                  The Cast

Keeping Track of the Boys

Real Notch & the Rascals 

The Super Blues Brothers

Unwitting Allies

New Life for an Old Crowd

The New Boys in Town


Thirty Years: November 2012



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Dolphin Alliance Project team members, by decade

Selected Scientific Publications

"A day in the life" by Lynne Barre

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