After writing a first draft of the book, I realized that I had video from more than half of the story-sections. Thus started a project that delayed publication by a few years, but was well worth it. Over 50 story sections are accompanied by videos that you can access by clicking on the colored links in the Table of Contents. First, a caveat. The video quality is often poor, much of it shot by people who were not skilled in the use of the video camera. The video recorded on digital cassettes during the 2001-2006 study is not good and the upload degraded the video further. Against those negatives, the patient viewer will be on board with us as we make the incredible discoveries described in Dolphin Politics in Shark Bay. You will witness behavior and hear dolphin sounds that in many cases have not been seen or heard by any other scientist, and see how scientists actually behave while they are making observations and collecting data, much of the time serious, some of the time not so much! So come on board and share in the excitement of my journey of discovery!